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Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) have revolutionised the technical diving world, allowing explorers to make dives that were until recently considered logistically impossible.

The JJ-CCR is known as the 4X4 of Rebreathers and is one of the leading eCCR Units available today. This Electronic Controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather is the model of simplicity and reliability, featuring the solid, proven Shearwater control system, and being constructed in such a manner to allow maximum flexibility in configuration.

The Kiss Classic is still in use around the world by adventurers and explorers who need a rebreather that they control, and which meets their demands, whether in wrecks, caves or the open ocean. At it's core a Manually Controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather, with the new Spirit LTE, both KISS Rebreathers can be configured with your electronic monitoring of choice.