The Wrecks of Pulau Seribu

Diving from small boats on one day trips, we regularly run out with the Jakarta Wreck Divers to a number of surprisingly good and interesting wrecks all within easy reach of Jakarta.

The Pari Wrecks (1) are two different, but complimentary wrecks on the north side of Pulau Pari. The deeper wreck is a sort of cargo vessel, lying on it's side in around 48 metres of water. With a good deal of life along the top of the wreck, more adventurous divers can explore the holds and even the engine room of this post war local built ship.  The second, smaller wreck lies from 20 to 35 metres right onto the reef. Having clearly collided with the reef, the ship, which appears to have been carrying rice seems to have dropped down the reef to end up on it's port side. This is a great dive, starting on the wreck then following the reef along for a good while with a profusion of hard and soft coral, and lots of reef fish. For the really adventurous, a dive on the deep wreck, followed by a long swim up to the island and reef, then across to the new wreck could take up a couple of hours of any CCR diver's afternoon!

Utong Jawa is much closer to Jakarta, with lower visibility, but (at least) 3 decent wrecks, all lying upright in around 25 metres. Earlier in 2014, to our extreme surprise, when descending down to one of the wrecks, when out of the gloom appeared a Whale Shark! it swam around us for a good 15 minutes before heading off on it's way while we returned to the surface.

Pramuka Wreck (3) is just a bit farther than Pari and is a lovely, (probably) fish ship lying from 20 down to around 35 metres. Covered in a profusion of sea life, this is another great dive that can be followed up by a wander along the reef.

Further up again is the beautiful Poso Wreck (4). A large Tug Boat, which is sat upright in 35 metres, this wreck is totally covered in sea life and fish, and seemingly is left alone by local fishermen due to stories of a ghost of the cook who went down with the boat.

Another island, much closer in, with variable visibility is Pular Damar Besar (5). With a beautiful lighthouse, which seems to have been an attraction, there are at least 3 decent sized wrecks, including s RoRo Ferry and a caro ship, unfortunately, being closer in, the visibility is pretty bad, meaning extreme care is needed!

1. Pari Wrecks
2. UtongJawa
3. Pramuka Wreck (Taubula Rasa)
4. Poso Wreck
5. Pulau Damar